Worst dating mistakes and how to avoid them

“I remember this guy my freshman year,” says Nina*, a sophomore at Gettysburg College.“We did nearly everything together, from homework and trips to just hanging out on campus.“They may like a lot of things about the person and want to be in a relationship with him/her, so they brush certain red flags (like bad behavior) under the carpet, desperately hoping that nicer qualities will emerge eventually.” Truth is, the chances of someone changing drastically are slim to none.“Hoping for a person's potential is a pretty futile endeavor,” Steinberg says.Luckily, the most common such mistakes are quite avoidable once you know what they are. Getting sloppy or messy on a first date does not make a good impression unless your date is getting just as sloppy and messy as you are—which is not how most solid relationships begin. If you must check your phone, apologize, explain why, and do it quickly—or just excuse yourself to the restroom and do it there. In other words, it likely turns off the other person rather than endearing them to you. Talking too much, especially if it’s all about you. It kills any interest or motivation the other person might have had. Bragging about your income, possessions, or skills. This includes name dropping, discussing how much you paid for your new ski house, or describing how amazing you are at beach volleyball. Saying you flew first-class and stayed on a private yacht is unnecessary and might create resentment if the person you’re with has never left the country. Giving a lecture or tirade about cherished beliefs. I tell them (Usually they are men.) "Don't take a gun and blast away at strangers.We have a lot to pay attention to on a date—what we think of the other person, how we’re coming across, whether they meet our expectations, whether we meet theirs—all of which is over and above our need to be present and engaged in the moment. If you do not ask your date questions, they will assume you’re not interested in them and will promptly lose interest in . No one wants to hear about your colonoscopy on a first date (or the second, third, or fourth). Unless you’re asked directly, avoid soliloquies about your ex. Make sure conversation flows back and forth, and don’t make it hard for the other person to get a word in. Even when the date is going amazingly well and you think the feeling is mutual, avoid calling your date (unless you work in a diner and can’t shake the habit). There is absolutely no need to announce all your flaws on a first date. Making one self-effacing joke is fine but not a string of them. There’s a reason you shouldn’t discuss politics or religion on a first date: When you have strong opinions or beliefs, it’s easy to get a bit overexcited and go from participating in a discussion to monopolizing one. Get your Astrological chart done and see if you are a hopeless case.), at least he's not an a**hole & he's kind & caring. Why not try a subtler approach & get to know someone without expectations that rush things uncomfortably for some people (i.e. By now, you’ve probably realized that college dating—if we can even call it that—can be a total nightmare to navigate.

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Following are 15 of the most common mistakes I hear about in my practice. Some might seem petty and even unworthy of being grounds for disqualification, and perhaps they are, but people still cite them. If it cannot be avoided, text with an apology and apologize again when you arrive. If the waiter is just that bad, tell your date what you find unacceptable about the service and that you plan to say something (but skip it if your date objects or seems uncomfortable). If you are asked, say the briefest, nicest thing you can and subtly and politely try to change the subject. I just maintain that the stars have to be in alignment. Simply put a gun to your head and blow your brains out." I'd be a millionare Wow. That's a very stark & dark view to take on dating & compatibility. Not being able to edit *You're* to the correct *YOUR* is extremely frustrating for me--I'm a perfectionist with a touch of OCD. Although things aren't perfect (what is that anyway? If you just want to get laid, well there are avenues for that, albeit illegal or risky & distasteful, IMHO. Women behave talk ego centric mostly when it comes to dating.After months of trying not to lead Michael on, Emily began to find his presence reassuring.“I'd rely on the attention Michael gave me,” she says.When you’ve been single for a while (and possibly watched too many rom coms), it’s totally normal to want a special someone in your life.A problem arises when the person who is directly available is the not the right one for you.So many of us have been there: the nicest person is head over heels for you, and sometimes you wonder if you don’t feel the same way—even though you just like that person as a friend.“Sometimes I want to slap myself silly because I have such a wonderful opportunity to be in a relationship, but I have NO attraction to this man, Michael*,” says Emily*, a senior at the University of Scranton.I’m far more likely to hear how the other person did something annoying, embarrassing, or otherwise sufficiently objectionable to immediately disqualify them from second-date consideration.The interesting thing is how people often qualify their description of the deal-breaking behavior: “It’s a shame because he seemed so nice,” or “I was really into her before that happened,” or “I was having a great time but that just ruined it for me.” Indeed, it doesn’t take much to turn a good date bad. A drink or two is fine, but make sure you stay present and in control. Checking your phone makes you come across as bored or distracted, neither of which is appealing to the person you’re with. The problem with this topic is it usually comes across as a "must have" or "dealbreaker" list most people cannot meet, even if you just intend it as "nice-to-have" guidelines. Telling someone on a first date that you’re bad at dating is like the director coming out before the movie to announce that it stinks. But if I had a nickel for a person who is mystified about why they can't get laid, I'd be a millionare.“One year I even made the huge mistake of making out with him on my birthday and on New Year’s Eve.” Emily and Michael have gone out a few times and are great friends, but she doesn’t want anything more—and he doesn’t know it.We all want attention and reassurance, but we sometimes seek it in the wrong places. It could also stem from a place of insecurity and low self-esteem.” Leading someone on can be way too easy to do, especially if, like Emily, that person is part of your friend group.

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