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For Release 3.0, the validation feature is available for PEIMS, student GPS® Dashboards, and ECDS.This means that LEAs can catch errors earlier in the process; benefitting the LEA, as issues are identified and fixed locally.The validated event works the same, only pass it the name textbox instead.Here is just the validating event handler’s code: The event driven validation model in Win Forms is powerful and flexible enough to allow you to create high quality apps that implement robust and maintainable validation code in your forms.Positive and Negative Predictive Values incorporate sensitivity and specificity and are more useful to clinicians because they also consider the population being tested.

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Further validations are processed by the TSDS system itself on the data as it is loaded to the ODS (#2 above), and when an LEA or ESC marks their PEIMS collection as complete (#3).

There are 2 code paths for validation failure, and in each case we provide the user with an appropriate error message.

The error provider simply takes a control and a message in the Set Error method and does the rest of the work for you!

Now practice your newly learned skills on your own and experiment with the error provider control!

For more information on using the Validation Tool, download the TSDS Validation Tool User Guide.

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