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Stephanie returns to London leaving Stevie confused about their future, but they agree to just be friends.Lucy hears a rumour that Louise has cheated on Alik and has no choice but to question her, and Louise confesses to Alik revealing there is a possibility the rumour might be true.Mark Francis arranges a date for Victoria and George, whilst a rift is caused between Jamie and Proudlock over recent situations.Will is worried that Binky won’t feel the same way about him.Stephanie agrees to go on a date with Josh unaware he’s one of Stevie’s closest friends, and Alex writes a letter of apology to a forgiving Binky.After Alik goes to Binky to get her side of the story, Louise feels betrayed when the stories don’t match making her look more guilty.Proudlock feels isolated by the group as they continue to discuss his betrayal over both Lucy and Jamie, and Louise goes on a mission to find out whether the cheating rumours about Alik are true or not.

Spencer warns Alik about Andy’s behaviour, Alex has an awkward confrontation with Binky, and Lucy confesses to Binky that she has feelings for Proudlock.

Victoria and Sophie get into a confrontation after finding out things they’ve said about each other, whilst Louise phones the girl who Alik has allegedly cheated with and finds out the rumours are false.

Lonan accuses Alex of ruining things between Will and Binky, Stevie introduces his friend Josh into the group, and Sam and Tiff go on their first date.

This is the first series to feature new main cast members Josh Shepherd, and was the only series to include cast members George Amor and Will Colebrook after they did not return for the ninth series.

Lauren was introduced as the new girlfriend of already established cast member Spencer Matthews, Binky and Louise meet Will and Lonan in Devon and Binky is immediately attracted to them, but later discovers they already know Alex.

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