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Karrine “Superhead” Steffans wants you to know that she’s “Becky with the good hair” and so are all women.“Yes, I was one of Jay Z’s Beckys back in the year 2000 for about three minutes, which is about as long it takes me to satisfy a man in the back of a Maybach while overlooking the beaches of Malibu,” she wrote in an essay for xo Jane, referencing the now-infamous lyric from Beyoncé’s song “Sorry.” While the dalliance happened before the rapper met his wife — they are said to have started dating in 2002 — the mention of “Becky with the good hair” got Steffans, 37, thinking about her past relationships with men, including the tortuous marriage she currently finds herself mired in with actor Columbus Short.Former hip-hop vixen Karrine Steffans has become one of the most talked about women in America after she accused her actor husband of cheating on her.The former music video star, 37, publicly accused former actor Columbus Short of being unfaithful in an Instagram video she posted on the night of March 28.

Formerly known as “Superhead,” Karrine has detailed her past relationship with Lil Wayne on numerous occasions. So when Weezy’s latest ex Christina cried about their breakup on her TV show, Throughout the months, these two have been going back and forth with each other.Darius posted on Twitter tecently stating:” Tammy, my favorite basketball Player of ALL Time.” How does his bride to be feel about all of this?Tammy recently posted on Twitter making Darius her #MCM, as she stated, ” It doesn’t matter than it’s Wednesday bcuz @Darius Mccrary is my crush everyday.” Although no date is known, folks in the know tell The Source, that the two will tie the knot later this year.“As I watched ‘Lemonade,’ I heard a wife, a Beyoncé, cry about a Becky,” she wrote.“I listened to her wail on songs like ‘I Pray You Catch Me’ and ‘Sandcastles,’ and I resonated with how she felt as a woman who was promised forever and faithfulness only to have these notions dashed by a woman, or women — by ‘Becky with the good hair.’ “I saw my role. I saw an endless march of Beckys who can never be stopped no matter the rage, no matter the brilliance of the lyrical vein cutting.” But this week of contemplation brought her to the conclusion that while wives and Beckys may seem like mortal enemies locked in a never-ending battle, they’re actually one in the same. I am the keeper of secrets, the betrayer of women, the confessor of my sins, the owner of my secrets, lies and salvations.In her posting, Steffans literally aired the couple’s dirty laundry as she showed Short’s clothes strewn across the lobby of an unidentified building. In another Twitter message, she says that Short, who was fired from In February 2016, the couple were very public about their romance and marriage.Short sits in the foreground, seemingly undeterred and charging his phone. During an interview with The Jasmine Brand, Steffans said, “This is the side certain people didn’t want the world to see but I wanted everyone to know how amazing he is and how happy we are, finally.” She added: I think our stories, separately and together, are proof of what God can do and of what happens when you are equally yolked and aligned with someone who really just wants the best for you…“Somebody come get @officialcshort cheating ass and all his shit,” she wrote in a photo caption. Steffans posted a video on her Instagram page that shows Columbus patiently waiting for a ride while his personal effects are strewn about his feet. ” asks Steffans as Columbus appears stoic and prideful, despite being temporarily homeless. Despite his horrendous track record with women; he’s still a handsome and gainfully employed man. She says she told the Steffans’ public breakup came just a few hours after reports emerged on social media that R&B singer Kehlani had cheated on her NBA star boyfriend Kyrie Irving with her ex, Party Next Door.Though Kehlani says at the time she posted a photo of her and Party Next Door, she had already broken up with Irving.

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