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Dropped by Capitol Records in 2007, Never Too Late was released by Fontana Distribution, at the time owned by Hedley's Canadian record label's parent company Universal Music.

On November 17, 2009, Hedley released their third studio album The Show Must Go. on the Road Tour across 38 cities in Canada in support of the new album The Show Must Go. In 2010 the band signed an American record deal with Island Records, owned by same mega-label, Universal Music Group, as Hedley's Canadian label.

An apology from Hedley frontman Jacob Hoggard, released amid a sexual assault allegation, "isn't good enough" and shows he doesn't understand the meaning of consent, says an Ottawa woman who has accused the rock star of raping her in 2016.

In an evening post to his Twitter account Wednesday, Hoggard stated he has never engaged in non-consensual sexual behaviour but acknowledged he has "objectified" women in the past.

She said she has tried to avoid social media since speaking out, but knows there are some fans who are standing by Hoggard and continue to attend his concerts."I feel sorry for them because they thought that this man was someone who he's not.

Hedley is a Canadian pop-rock group originating in Abbotsford, British Columbia that formed in 2003.

The singles "On My Own", "321", "Trip", and "Gunnin" topped the Much Music Countdown.

CBC cannot independently verify what happened behind closed doors at the hotel but has corroborated parts of the young woman's version of events by speaking with four of her friends, including a woman whom she called after leaving the hotel, and viewing a medical record of her visit to a doctor six days after the incident.

Band taking 'indefinite hiatus'The Canadian rock band also released a separate statement Wednesday, saying it will take an "indefinite hiatus" after their current tour is over.

In late 2007, the band was chosen to open for Bon Jovi on their Lost Highway Tour at their Canadian stops for 14 shows Famous Last Words was released on May 12, 2009 in the US with a blue cover and new name "Never Too Late".

5 songs replaced with 5 from the band's first album.

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