Validating xpath

This leads to some fuzzy behavior where white space is concerned.The first exception to the significant white space rule deals with attribute values.I suspect some implementers choose to ignore parts of the standards they don’t like or can’t accommodate easily in their toolsets.It’s inevitable that different XML parsers make different interpretations of the standards.

The digital production staff especially loves Oxygen's built-in EPUB support, which eliminates a great deal of the grunt work that is usually entailed in editing EPUB files.

The more we use Oxygen, the more realize what a powerful tool it can be in digital and XML-based workflows.

The document contains some white space that delimits various aspects of the XML syntax.

It is available on multiple platforms, all major operating systems, and as a standalone application or an Eclipse plug-in.

You can use Oxygen XML Editor in conjunction with all XML-based technologies and it includes a large variety of powerful tools for creating, editing, and publishing XML documents.

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