Uruguay search and dating for friendship

It is in this context that the Paraguay–Parana intergovernmental committee was established, which will serve as a technical body for addressing logistical and transportation issues involving shipments along the Parana River originating in Paraguay.

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Not only do I fully comprehend and assimilate with her way of life (being a hairdresser, Laura also has a job that follows her wherever she goes), but moreover, I absolutely love the way she tells about her adventures in her blog.Where is it that you meet potential friends (when not rock climbing…)?Last July me and another Finnish woman and fellow blogger, Laura from Urbaaniviidakkoseikkailijatar, were on a blind date.Not on a romantic one, but rather on a blind date for friendship (a great term coined by Laura).A couple of our common acquaintances were convinced that we should meet, and about a year later from our first introduction on Facebook, we finally did.Cartes’ numerous official visits have shown a highly positive, proactive and a vibrant foreign policy strategy that sooner or later will have a direct impact on improving Paraguay’s national image and attracting strategic investment to the Guaraní-speaking country.In their official meeting, presidents Jose Mujica and Horacio Cartes agreed to further strengthen bilateral ties while asserting their respective governments’ willingness to work intensely in the areas of trade, and industrial and cultural cooperation, all within the context of mutual interests, reciprocity and friendship.Both leaders stressed the excellent relations between these two countries, which have been built on common ideas, regional economic development, integration of transportation logistics, and above all: the aspiration of integrating both nations into a globalized economy.As President Cartes concluded his official visit, he joined his Uruguayan counterpart to give a joint press statement encompassing all areas of mutual cooperation in economic development, politics, commerce, education and culture. Mujica reiterated his interest in developing national infrastructure and his desire to work with Asunción in order to iron out their differences and better defend their mutual interests in the region and beyond.Urbaaniviidakkoseikkailijatar is no ordinary travel blog, but rather a deep and vivid collection of personal reflections which inspire you to venture.And the reason I write this is that only a week ago Laura and her Spanish boyfriend got back to Finland from a caravan road trip through Southern France and Spain.

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