Updating solaris

On the next boot the Boot Environment solaris-1 will be mounted on '/'. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- NOTE: Please review release notes posted at:

ctx=E26502&id=SERNS --------------------------------------------------------------------------- UA-SOL11#UA-SOL11#beadm list BE Active Mountpoint Space Policy Created -- ------ ---------- ----- ------ ------- solaris N / 206.0K static 2014-06-29 solaris-1 R - 5.71G static 2014-08-01 solaris-backup-1 - - 171.0K static 2014-06-29 UA-SOL11#[email protected]:~# pkg info kernel Name: system/kernel Summary: Core Kernel Description: Core operating system kernel, device drivers and other modules.

Update Manager updates all installed packages to the newest version allowed by the constraints imposed on the system by installed packages and publisher configuration.

Before you transfer newer packages into your local repository, make sure your repository server is running the same or a newer version of the Oracle Solaris 11 OS as the version for which the packages you plan to copy are built.

Please verify the repository's location and the client's network configuration.

updating solaris-73updating solaris-56

latest incorporations: pkg://solaris/consolidation/jdmk/[email protected],5.11- pkg://solaris/consolidation/userland/[email protected],5.11- pkg://solaris/consolidation/cns/[email protected],5.11- pkg://solaris/consolidation/sic_team/[email protected],5.11- pkg://solaris/consolidation/Sun VTS/Sun [email protected],5.11- pkg://solaris/consolidation/l10n/[email protected],5.11- pkg://solaris/consolidation/solaris_re/[email protected],5.11- pkg://solaris/consolidation/X/[email protected],5.11- pkg://solaris/consolidation/ips/[email protected],5.11- pkg://solaris/consolidation/cacao/[email protected],5.11- pkg://solaris/consolidation/desktop/[email protected],5.11- pkg://solaris/consolidation/cde/[email protected],5.11- pkg://solaris/[email protected],5.11- pkg://solaris/consolidation/ldoms/[email protected],5.11- pkg://solaris/consolidation/desktop/[email protected],5.11- pkg://solaris/consolidation/sunpro/[email protected],5.11- pkg://solaris/consolidation/osnet/[email protected],5.11- pkg://solaris/consolidation/man/[email protected],5.11- pkg://solaris/consolidation/install/[email protected],5.11- pkg://solaris/consolidation/dbtg/[email protected],5.11- Dependency analysis is unable to determine exact cause.For customers who are on an Oracle support contract, the release process for Oracle Solaris 11 was changed to eliminate a hiatus on bug fix releases during the final pre-release stages of the next update to Oracle Solaris 11.This helps to accelerate the release of critical customer bug fixes on the current released version of Oracle Solaris 11.This operation is much easier than Solaris 10 OS patch bundle installation.For testing purpose,you can use the release repository but production environments must use oracle support repository.In other words, you have to update the system instead of the patching it.If the server owner or application/DB teams is requesting you to patch the Solaris 11, you have to update the system using pkg commands.Note: For systems that can't directly connect to Oracle's hosted package repositories it is necessary to download the Oracle Solaris 11.1 Pre-Upgrade Repository Image, which contains the packages that need to be updated prior to updating to Oracle Solaris 11.1.The ISO image contains a README that describes the necessary steps for constructing the repository and updating to Oracle Solaris 11.1.Try specifying expected results to obtain more detailed error messages.# pkg info idr1638 Name: idr1638 Summary: To back out This IDR : # /usr/bin/pkg update --reject pkg://solaris/[email protected],5.11 pkg:/system/kernel/[email protected],5.11- Description: sparc IDR built for release : Solaris 11.1 SRU # 19.6.0 State: Installed Publisher: solaris Version: 1 Build Release: 5.11 Branch: None Packaging Date: February 4, 2015 PM Size: 6.89 k B FMRI: pkg://solaris/[email protected],5.150204T150613Z # /usr/bin/pkg update --reject pkg://solaris/[email protected],5.11 pkg:/system/kernel/[email protected],5.11- Packages to remove: 1 Packages to update: 1 Create boot environment: Yes Create backup boot environment: No DOWNLOAD PKGS FILES XFER (MB) SPEED Completed 2/2 5/5 4.0/4.0 1.3M/s PHASE ITEMS Removing old actions 11/11 Installing new actions 1/1 Updating modified actions 3/3 Updating package state database Done Updating package cache 2/2 Updating image state Done Creating fast lookup database Done A clone of solaris-idr1638 exists and has been updated and activated.On the next boot the Boot Environment solaris-idr1638-1 will be mounted on '/'.

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