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I moved the strip to be flush with one of the longer sides of the cabinet door, took my pencil and marked where the end of the door would be on the MDF strip. I also placed an “H” on the MDF strip that would be on the side with a handle, this helped me remember what strip went where. Take the MDF strips off the cabinet door and place them right next to side they will be installed to, placing them right side down. To do this, I took the MDF strip and placed the edge against the newly added trim piece.

Then I took the boards to the miter saw and cut right next to the line. Then take a dry cloth and wipe both MDF strips and cabinet door, this will remove dust to help the liquid nails adhere. Move along the same side and place more nails, making sure everything is flush as you go. Then taking a pencil, I marked the strip right about the other trim piece ( Which I normally did with every piece.

If you’re looking for a change you can make with spare change, stay tuned. It’s easy to talk to people about kitchen re-modeling because the kitchen is the center of family life in so many homes, but finding the budget for these renovations isn’t always so easy. Danny Lipford: Of course, it’s small, I guess you’re a little challenged on some of the storage?

This week, we’re helping homeowner Stephanie Ward makeover her kitchen and we’re going to do it on a shoe-string budget. The countertops are chipping, they’re kind of dingy, and, dark. Danny Lipford: Yeah, I thought you had one of those neat little tilt-outs.

The example below was the piece I cut that had the biggest gap.

Once the filler had dried, we then sanded every door with #220 grit sandpaper.

At this point, our cabinets doors are all ready for some paint and primer, this post to come! Let me give you the cost breakdown of this project without the paint.

, we’re pulling off a kitchen makeover on a miniscule budget.

If the piece is too big, cut a little bit more from the piece.

Your goal is to have this piece fit perfectly with a very little gap.

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