Tick dating older and wiser

So, does age difference really matter when it comes to a successful long-standing relationship?Being in a relationship with a younger man has a lot of advantages!The term ‘The Sugar Daddy’ has been labelled as a wealthy older man who is financially supportive of his younger partner.Of course there are some women who are attracted more to a man because he has a healthy bank balance, but a man doesn’t necessarily have to be older for this to happen.Some women prefer dating an older man because they are intellectually matched and they feel more secure in their relationship.

They were criticised for the age difference, yet everyone could see they were completely in love and happy.

Better yet, older women know what men want and aren’t afraid to deliver. An older woman won’t be scared away like a younger woman.

Chances are the older woman has a few fetishes too, and you could learn a lot from her!

Another study found that women were 5x more likely to show interest in a man on online dating sites if he was 5 years younger than her.

If you’ve watched an episode of Considering this, it is no surprise that older women want a younger man who can please them.

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