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Keeping its lead in the textile industry where everything began for the group, FENC started with spinning and weaving.

It later expanded to its upstream polyester synthetic fibre line.

“Being committed to our customers and partners in the region, however, means we will never cease to learn and adapt to their needs.” Apart from pursuing a larger presence globally, FEG is intent on making a broader difference in the lives that are touched by its products and innovations every day. Our corporate governance is stringent, and therefore, we have a good base to expand and go into bigger areas,” Hsu says.

“A relentless quest to improve our processes, products and services backed by robust R&D guides us in discerning the way forward.” FENC, for example, continues to set the bar higher in technologically advanced polyester polymer and polyethylene terephthalate resin products such as solid-state polymer products and other speciality textiles that incorporate microfibres, high-denier industrial yarns and polytrimethylene terephthalate yarns.

The company was the first of its kind in Taiwan to employ vertical integration in its production processes, and accounts for nearly 30 per cent of the group’s total revenues.

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“That is how the market changes, and we make sure we are always on our toes to meet such transformations.” FEG, however, is a bit more cautious in further expanding in mainland China’s retail space.

ACC continues to raise its production capacity and keep growing through mergers and acquisitions (M&A) as the company aims to reach mainland China’s top 10 cement manufacturers while upholding FEG’s principles.

This objective is based on the company’s “Three Highs, One Low” concept geared towards sustainable development, underscoring “high quality, high level of environmental protection, high efficiency and low cost”.

Responding to changes in market demands, it has broadened its range from wearable fibre spinning to polyester staple fibre for non-woven application – used in increasingly diverse fields including medicine, hygiene, agriculture, electronics, automotive and environmental protection.

Under its filament SBU division, FENC also develops functional eco-fibre types such as polyester recycled filament, quick-dry, antibacteria, far infrared, UV-cut and flame-retardant fibres.

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