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What does the numbers of applicants receiving course offers tell me?

Every degree course is different, so it’s important to find one that suits your interests and matches the way you prefer to work – from the modules you’ll be studying to how you’ll be assessed.

Safe and secure, the campus has a friendly, close-knit and cosmopolitan community.

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If your qualifications aren’t listed here, you can use our UCAS points guide of 120 and refer to the university’s website for full details of all entry routes and requirements.Top things to look for when comparing courses Official programme title - BSc (Hons) Nursing Studies (Registered Nurse Adult).Surrey is one of the UK’s top universities for nursing.Product Design is a broad based and diverse three-dimensional design practical course.You will explore your own interests through a series of projects that you can steer towards your own creative solutions.Component 1 - Coursework: Product Design Folder & Personal Study - 60% Previous students have gone onto study Product Design, 3D Design, Industrial Design, Engineering and other similar subjects at University.Whilst other students have gone straight into the world of work or found apprenticeships in Design or Engineering.You will also find full details of the programme, including programme structure, assessment methods, contact hours and Graduate prospects.Giving students a competitive edge for their future.This finds the cheapest possible fares that are available during the time span you specify.Only those times where those cheapest fares are applicable will be displayed, and only the cheapest few fare types will be shown. Searching for first class fares with this feature will not limit the results to just first class so please check the fare terms.

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