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What's the best "starter" credit card, if that exists?

This depends on a number of factors including who you prefer to bank with and what your needs are.

Not to mention, they give you another card to track.

APR is the rate that determines the interest you incur monthly, and it can change before the end of the year.Should I get a store credit card if they're offering me a discount on my purchase?I do not recommend store credit cards, as they tend to come with high interest rates and fees.I only recommend getting a secured credit card if you have a poor credit history and need a vehicle to rebuild it.These typically require a deposit as a way of guaranteeing that you will be able to pay off your balance.However, after the intro period is up, most credit cards will return to the regular APR — likely between 10 and 20 percent.Be careful to not carry a balance over month-to-month if possible, otherwise you may be charged interest on it once your introductory period runs out.If you have a poor credit score, a secured credit score could be your best option to rebuild your credit.The downsides of secured credit card are that they tend to have annual fees, application fees, late-payment penalties, high interest rates, and over-the-limit charges.I often recommend keeping a backup card at home in a safe place in case your wallet is ever lost or stolen.The more cards you have, the more you will need to keep track of, so having just a few can help you simplify your overall credit card management.

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