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Medications are not usually recommended for schizoid personality disorder.However, they are sometimes used for short-term treatment of extreme anxiety states associated with the disorder.Cognitive-restructuring may be proper to address certain types of clear, irrational thoughts that are negatively influencing the patient's behaviors.This therapeutic plan should be clearly defined at the onset of treatment.This is partly because people with this diagnosis typically do not experience loneliness or compete with or envy people who enjoy close relationships.People with this disorder rarely seek treatment, and little is known about which treatments work.Some mental health professionals speculate that a bleak childhood where warmth and emotion were absent contributes to the development of the disorder.A higher risk for schizoid personality disorder in families of schizophrenics suggests that there is genetic susceptibility to developing this disorder.

Instead, therapy should focus on simple treatment goals to alleviate current pressing concerns or stressors within the individual's life.They may do well at solitary jobs others would find intolerable.There is evidence indicating the disorder may be the start of schizophrenia, or just a very mild form of it.Symptoms must not occur solely during an episode for schizoid personality disorder to be diagnosed.Little research has been done on the treatment of schizoid personality disorder.Talk therapy may not be effective, because people with schizoid personality disorder have difficulty relating well to others.Therefore, treatment can be difficult because of initial reduced capacity or desire to form a relationship with a health professional.A non-intrusive support group can alleviate feelings of solitude, and fears of social interactions and close relationships.Individual therapy, in most cases, has proven relatively ineffective and often temporarily addresses immediate conditions instead of seeking to eliminate the disorder entirely.People with it are able to function in everyday life, but will not develop meaningful relationships with others.They are typically loners and may be prone to excessive daydreaming as well as forming attachments to animals.

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