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From Brigitte Bardot‘s beehive to Mary Quant’s geometric prints, every 1960s fashion icon contributed their own signature style to the decade (a theme that continued well into 1970s fashion and beyond).

It was the era of the girl group, the gamine supermodel and the original IT-girls, who are still inspiring this generation’s Alexa Chung et al.

Almost overnight she became the face of the decade; instantly recognisable, she’s been immortalised on everything from Andy Warhol screen prints to M&S shopping bags.

The biggest style influence on the Rolling Stones, archetypal rock chick Anita Pallenberg just so happened to have flings with half of the band’s members.

There were a million girl groups in the sixties, but The Ronettes were by far the one of the coolest and sexiest of the bunch.

At the heart of their look was the standard-issue mascara-and-miniskirt uniform but taken to new extremes.

With her blunt bangs, kohl-rimmed eyes and a love of outlandish prints and the widest of flared trousers, Cher was a certified sixties icon. From her private wedding to one of the most defining moments of the 60s, the John Lennon and Yoko Ono bed-in, the petite artist championed a head-to-toe white aesthetic.

Big eyes, big hair and an even bigger voice, Dusty Springfield rocked a blonde wig and a column dress like no other (this pink lace number is particularly dreamy).Patti Boyd’s enchanting modish style, flippy hair, and endless legs ensured she was the inspiration behind some of the greatest hits of the 60s.The former wife of both Eric Clapton and George Harrison was the quintessential sixties beauty and a favourite of Mary Quant – she was quite the unsung style hero of the decade.Legendary costumier Edith Head was the woman behind her now-famous looks in , ensuring she was timelessly elegant and understatedly glamorous (even when running screaming from a flock of birds).Trends come and go but we will never tire of Jane Birkin’s style.Then came the off-duty style game; she was an utter champion of chic capri pants and ballet pumps. In 1960, Jean Shrimpton brought the fashion world to a halt.Unlike the more voluptuous models of the 1950s that came packaged with stiff aristocratic poses, this leggy British brunette broke the modelling mould entirely with her super slender frame.The original fashionable First Lady managed to maintain her impeccable style throughout her time in the White House, even as she lived through tragedy.Jackie’s prim skirt suits, pillbox hats and super-sized dark glasses made her the style inspiration for women across America.The mini skirt, hot pants, coloured tights and plastic macs – we owe them all to design pioneer and epitome of sixties style, Quant.Before Michelle Obama and Samantha Cameron, there was Jackie Kennedy Onassis.

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