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I raised my wine glass, prepared to "cheers" him from across the bar as soon as he looked up to thank me. I looked at my friend, the two of us utterly confused—why in the ever loving hell was he not saying thank you or, at the very least, taking the damn shot? He grabbed a dollar off the bar and yelled, "Hey, bro, you forgot your change!

One night after I got off work, I reclined in the corner of the bar with a few coworkers and a bottle of wine. The shot began to sweat, or maybe that was me—we were both feeling overtly ignored.

As we bantered, I noticed a handsome stranger nervously alight on a barstool and order a beer. Then, as if by divine fate, an unruly birthday party gathered around him, demanding drinks and jostling him out of his seat.

"Bar four is hot," I whispered to my friend (also my manager), who promptly snagged the bartender and made him send Bar 4 a shot on me. The guy, his beer and my shot relocated to a table directly behind my stool.

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