Radioctive dating against evolution

The materialists argue that their philosophy necessarily follows from the science, and therefore evolution removes any need for God.

The creationists, strangely, buy this faulty argument, and agreeing that one cannot separate the science from the philosophy reject both.

It needs to be understood and evaluated as science, not as philosophy.

I want to make this point as strongly as I can, because what I present here is science.

This anti-evolution viewpoint can stir powerful feelings in many students when the topic comes up in classes and reading assignments in college.

I will outline and highlight the major elements of the empirical study and research that has placed evolution at the center of the modern scientific world-picture.

Today's generation of naturalists look out with astonishment at the extent and range of life in all of its incredible diversity.

I urge the reader to go farther, however, and fill in the details, using any of the books, articles, and on-line resources given in "Further Reading" or in the "Resources" section of this site.

First I need to challenge a serious misunderstanding about evolution.

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