Queued updating replication dating farmers new jersey

From the example following, notice that you simply include the necessary DDL within the procedure call (see the parameter).

If any master site is lower than 9.0.1 compatibility level, then you must use the following procedure.

Doing so might cause your replication environment to fail.

package to alter the characteristics of your replicated objects in a quiesced master group.

To modify tables without replicating the modifications, use the . Using this method, only the original change is replicated to the remote sites.You must create one table that can hold the data for the columns being compared.For example, if you decide to compare the Step 4 Suspend replication activity for the replication group containing the tables that you want to compare.As your database needs change, you might need to modify the characteristics of your replicated objects.It is important that you do not directly execute DDL to alter your replicated objects.Typically, Advanced Replication is configured to push and purge the deferred transaction queue automatically.At times, however, you might need to push or purge the deferred transaction queue manually.That is, the master group must be quiesced to modify a replicated object.You control the compatibility level of a database with the You might have a situation in which you need to modify a replicated object, but you do not want this modification replicated to the other sites in the replication environment.The following procedures in the procedure compares two replicas of a table, and determines all rows in the first replica that are not in the second and all rows in the second that are not in the first.The output of this procedure is stored in two user-created tables.

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