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Changing the server name will not affect messages in the mailbox.Removing Outlook from the index and using Unindexed search is acceptable as a very short term fix, but I need the "The protocol handler Mapi16 cannot be loaded." error fixed permanently.

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) but my Outlook files seem fine - and I decided to not bother with Outlook 2010 and just use webmail to get around the crashes. Adding Notes to a meeting request should never send updates.If Outlook wants to send an update and the only change was notes, make sure you have the latest updates for your version of Outlook then try this: Save the changes using Ctrl S or the Save icon , then click the X to close. If you are changing the time to add travel or preparation time, I highly recommend creating an appointment for the extra time instead. However, there is a way to trick Outlook into thinking the update was sent: set Outlook offline before sending the update, then open the Outbox and delete the update before going back online.(To BCC, use the Resources field and see the Notes, below.) 1. On the Scheduling Assistant page, click the Add Attendees button to open the address book dialog and select invitees. You can also click the To button on the Appointment page to open the address book dialog and put the person in the Optional (or Resource) list.Select the Attendee Availability tab (Outlook 98/2000), Scheduling tab (Outlook 2002/2003), or Scheduling Assistant (Outlook 2007/2010) Click in the Attendance column, and change the attendance for the person to Optional Attendee. Another method for BCC'ing invitees is to forward the meeting as an i Cal. When the invitees accept or decline the invitation, the organizer will receive the response.If the Location field is empty, type in a location, otherwise Outlook will add the Resources back to the Location field. If someone is CC'd, their name or address would be in the Optional field.Technical Level : Basic Summary The latest version of is called Outlook Mail, sometimes referred to as 'Outlook on the web'.This is not a perfect solution and I know of at least one issue: if someone accepts or declines the meeting after you delete the update, meeting tracking wont be updated. This method will work for all new meetings or to delete meetings when you don't want to send the cancellation notice.When I take them out of cache mode, everything returns to normal, but this is not an option.However, the new version no longer supports the Delta Sync protocol which is the default configuration in Windows Live Mail for Microsoft email accounts (those @outlook, @hotmail, @live, @msn, @windowslive and any other free account with a mailbox at com).This means that other methods will be needed to synchronize mail folders and messages with the Outlook Mail servers.

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