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Fleeting across my only mildly intoxicated mind came the thought that it would be rather jolly to be sharing the sofa, wine and music with an exotic and beautiful wife.

With my rational thought process temporarily in abeyance I signed up not to one but to two more Internet dating websites.

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You would think that I would now be immune to the lure of online dating but the wretched, unrealistic, romantic in me still surfaces occasionally and it did the other night as I sat watching the Eurovision Song contest and quaffing most of a bottle of wine.

As I carried out these investigations my email inbox was bombarded with announcements that someone had “winked” or “smiled” at me, with enquiries as to whether I was “curious” as to who had just viewed my profile, and with invitations to look at suggestions as to who would be ideal for me. Me” which makes it incredibly easy to unsubscribe from mailing lists.

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The thing is I really do quite like being on my own: you can get up when you want, you can be lazy, you can be slovenly and you can leave places and parties when you want to.

I used to enjoy entertaining friends’ children when they were young but could walk away when I had had enough.

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