Nederland nude

To spot areas reserved for nudist, look for signs saying “naakstrand” or ”naturistenstrand”.Below is a selection of some of the best nudist beaches in the Netherlands.But be advised: If you're planning to go to a nude beach just to gawk, you may want to reconsider.

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While sunbathers are allowed to doff their tops on most Dutch beaches, full nudity may not be permitted, depending on the beach.

Clothing is strictly required elsewhere in the forest.

Bussloo is one of the largest nudist beach zones, consisting of large sunbathing meadows and smaller sandy beach areas.

At some naturist beaches, there are areas specifically reserved for nudists; at others, the entire beach is available. If it's a beach where only certain areas allow nudity, these signs will be located at the poles marking the borders.

The Netherlands is an ideal place to go if you enjoy a trip to the beach.

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