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But their relationship is unchanged by money, geography or celebrity.

He has completed one year of a seven-year, million contract. J.’s credit-card debt, and when they grab dinner or hit a club, Aaron pays.

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Once, when he coached high school ball in Southington, Conn., one of his assistants found a wristband with the opponent’s plays on it. He has since been indicted for the 2012 murders of two more men, Daniel de Abreu and Safiro Furtado, outside a bar in Boston. For such a gifted athlete, Aaron really is a terrible golfer. Aaron probably never recommended a book in his life before he ended up here, but incarceration has turned him into a reader. He loved , a self-help best seller by Rhonda Byrne. Jonathan carries the most intense sadness wherever he goes, yet he is happier than he has ever been. If I see him out here one day, the first thing I’m going to do is give him a hug and a kiss, just like we used to do with my father.” Jonathan will be a father himself soon. All he really wants is a big couch for family movie nights, where his daughter can be just another happy child, taking for granted that her daddy holds her so tight.He has been a roofer for less than a year; he has owned his company, High Rise Roofing, for just a few months. Word spread in Wylie after a smaller storm hit one month ago: . He ensures that shingles are placed carefully and he prods insurance companies until they cover everything they’re supposed to cover. The first time Jonathan visited Aaron, he was nervous. “The Hernandez family has had a great impact on Bristol,” De Santis says. He is trapped inside a nightmare inside a nightmare inside his life. Jonathan thought, Aaron says he doesn’t think about where he is or how long he will be there. He is visibly thrilled when he talks about Avielle, who’s now three. Jonathan does not have much of a relationship with her, which he calls “kind of a mutual decision;” they never knew each other that well. But he will probably never see it, because Jonathan is not allowed to unbutton his shirt in prison. Aaron says they should set a weekly time when they will speak. They put their knuckles up to the glass, blow each other kisses and go back to their lives. “Those friendships and relationships—that’s why people call me when a storm hits. No pictures, no trophies, no sign of the best athlete ever to walk these halls. Sixty-seven-year-old athletic director Bob De Santis, who coached both boys as well as their father, approaches with a CVS envelope stuffed full of pictures of the Hernandezes. “It almost feels like the pressure on him is off, now that he is in jail,” Mark says. ” “It almost feels like the pressure on him is off, now that he is in jail,” Mark says. ” In one of his first letters from prison, Aaron pleaded with his brother to enjoy everyday occurrences—not just the conveniences of modern life, but the inconveniences too, like when it starts raining as you’re walking to your car. “Storm chaser.” Storm chasers don’t live in Dallas. They come from as far as Colorado when the hail hits, like prospectors in some kind of postapocalyptic gold rush, knocking on doors and promising to fix roofs ASAP. High Rise will always be here,” Jonathan says of his roofing company. He is respectful and takes care of my mom.” Jonathan found the love of his life before he left Iowa, with the manager of a Buckle store, Karen Sandhu. “Whether Aaron did or did not do it, I don’t know,” he says. The school’s official policy in regard to Aaron Hernandez has been deletion. Little did I know at the time, out of my greatest despair was to come the greatest gift.” Stephen Ziogas’s father, Mark, who coached Aaron in Little League, has detected a sense of relief in Aaron’s letters from prison. Why didn’t he try to deal with it through counseling or something? Why didn’t he try to deal with it through counseling or something? Some leave town after they cash the first check—you don’t know it until you stare out your window one day, call a number and nobody answers. “You’ve got storm chasers who will not be here in a couple of months. He says he has never asked his brother what happened. He’s in a situation because he decided to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, with the wrong people.” He clarifies: Of course it is relevant to the Lloyd family, and to the families of Daniel de Abreu and Safiro Furtado too. I’m like: .” At Bristol Central, Jonathan walks back upstairs. sees his picture on the news and thinks: Still, everybody’s guarding their corner, and Ortiz’s lawyer says there is “a good possibility” that D. introduced Aaron to Carlos when they played freshman basketball together. The kid who wanted to be everybody’s friend has been branded as football’s Al Capone, blowing away anybody who crosses him. I’d worked myself into exhaustion, my father died suddenly and my relationships with my work colleagues and loved ones were in turmoil. A horribly violent crime that Jonathan did not commit has led him to a peace that he did not know he craved. Aaron has hired a new lawyer, Jose Baez, who is well known for getting Florida mother Casey Anthony acquitted of the murder of her two-year-old daughter. He has decided he will not waste his time on the Aaron Hernandez who stood in the industrial park with Carlos Ortiz and Ernest Wallace the night Odin Lloyd was killed. My days are too busy to stay at home and watch trials. He was the latest in a string of guys who’d come out of nowhere and attached themselves to Aaron. He’s my friend.” On some level Aaron the worst that could happen. Aaron had one friend, an ex-con named Sharrod, who made him particularly nervous. He just said he was worried about his family’s safety. Ever since Aaron was a kid, he had this desire to like and be liked, no matter the circumstances. But it was no secret that he had a lengthy criminal record, including convictions for drugs. would ask Aaron why he was hanging out with a sketchy character, Aaron would respond, “What’s the worst that can happen? But Aaron could have left with anybody and had fun; he is social tofu, absorbing the flavor of whatever he touches. He’ll ask a client what name they prefer being called, because sometimes Robert prefers Bobby or Kim prefers Kimberly. And now the people of Wylie are pleading: They can’t wait. There are 15,000 homes in Wylie, at least 80% of which have been damaged.

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