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Melissa & Joey was criticized early on for lacking sufficient chemistry between the leads and a "will they, won't they" theme present in their earlier project, My Fake Fiance.

Melissa & Joey stood as Wednesday's #1 cable TV telecast at 8 o'clock in Adults 18–34, Women 18–34, Women 18–49 and Females 12–34 Demographics.

On May 28, 2013, ABC Family announced that the third season would be expanded by 20 episodes, and that the show had also been renewed for a fourth season consisting of 20 episodes, bringing the series total to 104 episodes.

Special features include a sneak peek of the remaining season 1 episodes, bloopers, and featurettes with Melissa Joan Hart and Joey Lawrence. Factory released Melissa & Joey: Season One, Part Two on DVD in Region 1, collecting the final 18 episodes of season one in a 2-disc set. And Katherine Heigl is the most beautiful creature on Earth.”That’s quite a different song than the noise of discontent we usually hear from the insider told Ausiello, “Melissa’s arc came to a natural end. Hahn kind of made her a doomed character.“She was very difficult to root for,” George said.He is now happy with his present wife, Melissa Mascari.Melissa Mascari- George Santo Pietro's 3rd wife Pietro is a Restaurateur who worked as a dolly grip since 1990. After being dolly grip, he worked in several movies and series.Then, due to the success of the show, ABC Family renewed it for 18 more episodes on October 8, 2010, which premiered June 29, 2011.The series was renewed by ABC Family for a second season of fifteen episodes, which began airing on May 30, 2012, and ended on August 29, 2012.He is also known for being a wealthy person according to his ex-wife Vanna White.Pietro is the father of 3 children and is taking full care and responsibility of them.She is the aunt of Lennox and Ryder and after a multi-million dollar scandal from the parents, Mel winds up becoming the legal guardian of the pair.When Mel realises she needs help with looking after two children, she enlists the help of Joe Longo.

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