Lecoultre atmos clock dating

Atmos Clocks are unique, in that they run by "Perpetual Motion"; which means the clock runs under it's own power and/or the movement actually "winds itself"; its energy being drawn uniquely from variations in temperature, powered by a devise called the "Bellows Unit".

The 'Bellows Unit' is an "accordion like" devise that is located inside the Brass "Drum" in the rear of an Atmos Clock.

The Manufacture recommends that Atmos Clocks be cleaned and repaired every 20 years or so, or as needed; some clocks can run much longer before needing service, depending on their environment.

We sell Atmos Parts in conjunction with the repair only.

Our Contract with the Manufacture (Jaeger-Le Coultre), stipulates that we cannot sell Atmos "parts" separately.

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