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Easily coming in as number one on the list of the 10 worst handling motorcycles of all time is the Kawasaki 750 Triple 1V and H2.These 748 cc three cylinder 2-strokes were the fastest street bikes of their time in a straight line.The movement in the mounting gave a vagueness to the steering that made the bike feel like it was wandering.Produced from 1958 to 1965, the Ariel Arrow was 2-stroke twin with trailing link front forks and a steel pressed back-bone style frame/chassis.Poor handling, very powerful, and inadequate brakes; in particular, the power came in on these bikes in a rush. Above this figure and the front wheel could be elevated in the first three gears! The best selling vehicle of all time (over 60 million to date) would inevitably become a classic of sorts. The step through chassis’d Honda is the best selling bike of all time.With parts readily available, would be owners will find these little bikes easy to work on. First offered in 1958, over 60 million Honda Cub’s have been sold since.In addition, the rear wheel on these shaft drive bikes could be easily locked if the rider changed down too quickly.

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Compiling a list of ten bad handling bikes is easy, but putting them in order is impossible.

Unfortunately, the brakes and handling were considered to be amongst the worst ever designed.

The bikes became known as the Introduced in 1969, these bikes shared common points with their bigger cousins: the later 750s.

Produced from 1978 to 1983, the CX 500 became a favorite with many owners.

However early UK versions were plagued with a major manufacturing fault—the crankshaft main bearing specifications were incorrect resulting in a major recall.

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