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Do you share the same goals for the future, and are equally committed to reaching them?

Tailor it towards who he is and what he likes, not what you like!

You can get anything engraved, so buy him something personal to him (a key ring, cufflinks, a silver photo frame, a special pen, the back of an i Pod with all his favourite albums on it) and have it inscribed with your names and the date you asked him to be your husband. If that’s true, then work together to set a date when you can get engaged.

If you feel that he’s using timing as an excuse, and his suggested engagement date seems unrealistically distant, then take some time apart from him and work out what you really want: is it marriage, or is it him? If there are other reasons why he won’t commit – perhaps he’s got financial commitments from a previous relationship – then sit down and talk through some possible solutions and get professional advice of necessary.

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which is in the edit process and will be an attempt to show what coaching can do for people who want to shift their lives and go big!

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