Kln90b updating database

One more option that comes to mind, sort of alond the lines of what CF said.

I had a buddy that used to take his to the local avionics shop to get it updated.

The system seems to work very well (but insists on using COM port 3 for some reasons.)Our plane has a KLN-89B.

The program, which is the same as is used for the KLN-94 is quite reliable using this notebook which runs Windows XP and an Edgeport USB to serial converter.

Adding a KLN-90B to your panel will help you fly with better precision, greater information, and improved safety.

The Navigraph FMS Data is the world's preferred and most comprehensive dataset of its kind.

The second, cheaper option is to update the card yourself, but that requires a few items: 1. You have a few options to update the database card.The easiest, but most expensive, option is to get a new card from Rockwell Collins (the folks who bought Bendix King).a PC with Windows XP or earlier (the driver for the card reader you need does not exist for Windows 7 or newer machines).Download the update and also do a one-time installation of the "updater" software that writes the update to the card.2.The program is antiquainted (ok, archaic) by modern standards but seems to work well.CF is right though, it only works with Windows XP - thus I have an old laptop that I keep so I can continue to run the program.Navigraph Charts is the easy way for flight simulator enthusiasts to search, view and organize professional airport and enroute charts!Our apps provide access to worldwide and current Jeppesen charts, and boast many features such as moving maps, night mode and route visualization.If you need these items for a new installation, please choose "Yes" in response to the "Need Installation Hardware" question.This radio King's KLN-90B IFR-Approach Capable GPS is a "best-of-breed" GPS solution.

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