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However, as I started to get the headpipe back on, the flexpipe back section came loose.The two tack welds that hold the flexible section to the front section had broken. It is in the back of the truck and I hope to get it tacked back up tomorrow.So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections.For £160,000, (0,000) less than half the price of the average London home, Mr Usher is offering his life on the private island, off the coast of Panama.

I was able to find NOS Lucas items on e Bay and got them in earlier this week.

However, she was selected for the Best Veteran's Car, which earned a really unique hand-made trophy. The bad came when I got ready to leave and starter broke with the car in the Convention Center lobby!

Luckily, some people nearby volunteered to push, and she fired right up and got me home with no further incidents.

Even better, I located a new starter on e Bay for including shipping, and it should be here by next weekend!

7 - It's Lonely at the Top (or early in the morning) - I got to the convention center about 30 minutes early, and was the only car waiting at the door.

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