Intimidating police officer

There a young man was taken into custody and charged with attempted murder after he allegedly threw large rocks down onto police from the 10th floor of a high-rise building.The police car was crushed and one stone came “very close” to striking a dog driver.

Witnesses said Hussain then strode around the train cabin “as if he had won the national championship,” brandishing his bloody knife at the terrified passengers and demanding a father and his daughter tell him if they were “also racists.” He will not be deported from Sweden after his current sentence is completed, having been awarded EU citizenship in 2008 despite having already wracked up several convictions.Karim Alaa Hussain, 25, became infuriated when the unnamed woman, who was wearing a hijab, was asked to show her ticket by a female conductor.The Muslim woman complained she had already been asked to show her ticket once, although eyewitnesses say the conductor was “polite and correct,” according to a report by Swedish newspaper Fria Tider.“The woman has been involved in something totally terrible.She is obviously very bad off [from] what has happened,” Malmö’s president Nils Norling told Sk D.“There was a policeman who was injured, he sat on the ground and patched about,” said a witness to Aftonbladet.The police later confirmed that the injured policeman “had been blunt-cut, but no motive for the attack is known,” according to the Swedish news outlet.The injured officer was taken to Karolinska Hospital, where he was treated and released.Police announced a preliminary investigation of assassination attempts was underway and the area was on lockdown, with the metro stop at Medborgarplatsen canceled, as well as bus stops.“That’s, in a nutshell, how a nation commits suicide,” writes Robert Spencer in a post about Sweden at Jihad Watch.In January of this year, two Afghan migrants were arrested in connection with a three-hour rape of a 30-year-old Swedish woman in her apartment, while they live-streamed the gang-rape on Facebook.

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