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The vast majority will obey the law in fear of the punishment.

One must, as society must, look at the function of the item/act. Firearms have one purpose, to kill (defensively or offensively, does not matter).

The political response to the 1992 riots makes for some infuriating, sickening reading—all the more so when you realize that most of the same names, parties, and bankrupt ideologies who had the solutions in 1992 are now hustling us again, promising that they have the answers, if we just trust them one more time.

Murder is illegal, but does not stop many from doing it.

But what the laws do is provide a structure with which to prosecute those that do/use the illegal act/item.

MN and VA also have additional regulations for them.

Mio Tech, a financial analysis startup aiming to make finance industry more efficient, secured its cofounder Tao Liu M. '12 a place in the Forbes 30 under 30 Asia list. The professors said the University failed to guarantee the accused student his right to have his questions asked to his accuser and expressed concern about how Cornell carried out its Title IX procedural protections. The stereotype of the self-centered teenager is nothing new, but Rubin Danberg Biggs ’18 says it’s because floating between childhood and adulthood leaves “young adults feeling half-whole.” cornellsun.com/2018/03/29/dan… A.’s president-elect, if the elections committee does not reverse its decision to disqualify Varun Devatha ’19, the only other contender for the office.

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