Frito lay freshness dating

I was told it was definitely manufactured in 2014, so it’s apparently not a clue for Bill.Although the dating of the receipt remains a work in progress, it appears much more weathered an item and my hunch is there is not connection despite their odd proximity.Previous search tracks are in red, and the light blue line is the 10.6 mile radius from the Serin Drive cell tower.

Rationale for searching this area: The full rationale for interest in this area is explained by the writeup for JT67.

Since the Chester’s bag I recovered has a freshness date of July 1, and manufactured this year, it suggests it was purchased in the May through June period. There’s no attraction for hikers, no peak, no water, it’s not pretty and no illicit pot plantations. Finally, I had an informative cell phone experience.

This means someone was out in this remote area, littering, during some of the hottest times of the year. When I was up on the ridge spine and planning to change my exit plan, I decide to put in a call to Jeri to let her know I might be leaving the park later due to this.

I called home repeatedly, but the call would never go through. So visibility of civilization off in the distance may not be a guarantee of a cell connection.

GPS mileage for this trip: 4.8 miles Cumulative GPS mileage to date: 800.2 miles GPS tracks for this trip in Google Earth kml format GPS tracks for this trip in Garmin gdb format GPS tracks for this trip in gpx format The tracks for JT69 are shown in dark blue.

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