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My Mac Book data – including those irreplaceable pictures of my family, of my child’s first year and relatives who have now passed from this life – weren’t the target. One of the reasons it took me so long to get anything resolved with Apple during my initial phone call was because I couldn't answer the security questions it had on file for me. Perhaps an hour or so into the call, the Apple representative on the line said “Mr. (Of course, when I gave them those, it was no use, because tech support had misheard my last name.)It turns out, a billing address and the last four digits of a credit card number are the only two pieces of information anyone needs to get into your i Cloud account.

I decided to set up a new Twitter account until my old one could be restored, just to let people know what was happening.And worst of all, my Apple ID account was broken into, and my hackers used it to remotely erase all of the data on my i Phone, i Pad, and Mac Book. Had I used two-factor authentication for my Google account, it’s possible that none of this would have happened, because their ultimate goal was always to take over my Twitter account and wreak havoc. Had I been regularly backing up the data on my Mac Book, I wouldn't have had to worry about losing more than a year’s worth of photos, covering the entire lifespan of my daughter, or documents and e-mails that I had stored in no other location.Those security lapses are my fault, and I deeply, deeply regret them.And it did this after the hacker supplied only two pieces of information that anyone with an internet connection and a phone can discover.At p.m., a password reset confirmation arrived in my inbox. But even if I did, I might not have noticed the message because the hackers immediately sent it to the trash.i have my own guide on how to secure emails.”I asked him why. He said the hack was simply a grab for my three-character Twitter handle. They just wanted to take it, and fuck shit up, and watch it burn.It wasn’t personal.“I honestly didn’t have any heat towards you before this.We talked to Apple directly about its security policy, and company spokesperson Natalie Kerris told Wired, "Apple takes customer privacy seriously and requires multiple forms of verification before resetting an Apple ID password.In this particular case, the customer's data was compromised by a person who had acquired personal information about the customer.In addition, we found that our own internal policies were not followed completely.We are reviewing all of our processes for resetting account passwords to ensure our customers' data is protected."On Monday, Wired tried to verify the hackers' access technique by performing it on a different account. This means, ultimately, all you need in addition to someone’s e-mail address are those two easily acquired pieces of information: a billing address and the last four digits of a credit card on file. On the night of the hack, I tried to make sense of the ruin that was my digital life.

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