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Mean emo girls, however, take more advanced measures to bond with. Tell her angst is very attractive and suits her well, and agree with the things she thinks are stupid, unless she hates things that they contradict your beliefs, then move on to another subject.

Before I tell you what you need to do to make the right approach, I will show you a video of someone who tried the wrong approach. Tell her you like her and that she is a very cool person.

However, emo girls are difficult to get, as it takes time and patience.

Unlike other girls, however, emo girls will not hesitate to use these weapons, and may be equipped with more dangerous weapons such as switchblades and handguns.Exceptions to this are: North Korea (for its lack of freedom), Muslim countries (for their lack of fashion style, excluding Lebanon), and Antarctica (for its lack of people).When approaching an emo, you need to know some tips on how to do so correctly and safely.They have been known to even appear in churches, not to burn them down but to praise their hidden inner goodness.This breed is called Christian emo, and yes, they exist.By carrying out this reconnaissance you can identify her by her attitude, and know how to make the right approach.Tip number 2: You must understand that you are typically putting yourself at risk.However, the number one tip on approaching a mean emo is this; get ready to run, at all times.Because the split second you screw up and piss her off, she will attack.You don't even have to tie her up, at least, not right away.They tend to cut themselves, so that’s something you should work on removing from their daily activities.

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