Double your dating exposed

I am sure that when you think about these things after several years, the knowledge that you did revenge him does not make any difference for you.

You do not feel better after several years if you revenge now.

Now you are free to leave him behind and find your happiness with someone who is worthy of your trust and your love.I wish it will ease your pain a little bit when you realize how good it is that you did not marry this man and start a family with him.If you did that and then found out he is a cheater and a liar, your pain would be even stronger than it is now.Do not let him drag you back into his world of negativity and dishonestly.Dear Friend, it will take some time for you to recover after experiencing such betrayal, but trust me: Eventually you WILL get over this.Dear Friend, right now you need all your energy for healing.Do not let your ex boyfriend suck you into a cycle of negative feelings and revenge.I understand that you feel you want to revenge your boyfriend after he betrayed your trust is such a horrible way.There is absolutely no excuse for what he did and it is very natural reaction to want to revenge.But before you do that, please think about the following points.If you revenge him, you are showing him that he still has a strong emotional power over you because you are ready to go along with the revenge.

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