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Between "black tie optional" and "semiformal," the language can be tricky to decipher. Here are the most common wedding-guest dress codes explained so that you arrive appropriately—and stylishly! This the most formal of all dress codes (think: White House state dinners).

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Wedding invitation bring a lot of confusion as in what to wear and how to pull together a cool outfit.

Especially if it is a daytime or evening wedding you will be more confused as what dress will look appropriate or not.

Wear trousers and a dress shirt with a leather loafer, oxfords, or a slip-on shoe. Avoid showing up with wrinkles or clothes one size too big, too small, or in a non-coordinating color. Wear a dress that would be appropriate for brunch or afternoon tea. If not, wear a suit in a dark color such as charcoal or black, paired with a white dress shirt, and a solid colored tie.

It should fall to, or slightly above, the knee, and not be too sparkly or low-cut. Make sure patterns are kept to a minimum and shoes are shined.

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