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It is also generally believed that personality of a child forms by the time he or she reaches the age of 20 or so.

Therefore, any psychological damage done before that age or shortly after would be hard to fix.

Whatever form it takes, violence against women can have serious long-term physical and emotional effects.

Search the Internet for information on how to prevent dating violence. What laws exist in your country or area that protect people from such abuse?

Dating violence is controlling, abusive, and aggressive behavior in a romantic relationship. It can include verbal, emotional, physical, or sexual abuse, or a combination.

Sometimes, good relationships turn sour, but no one deserves to be in a relationship where they are the victim of violence.

There are certain things you can do to prevent dating violence in your relationship as well as with people you care about.

Sigmund Freud, an early Austrian psychologist, is famous for his fundamental contributions to research in psychology.

The greatest contribution of Sigmund Freud is considered to be the so called psychoanalysis.

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