Dating tips sims 2 nightlife

At which point, the clock starts ticking and it's up to you to keep your partner interested.

While in normal Sims play your character has desires which can be satisfied, the date mode opens up your partner's too.

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well, they'd still be having intercourse with another person. Of all the things which people like about the Sims, the interplay between Man and Woman (Or woman and woman or man and man, equal-opportunity kissing fans) is one which is both popular and could have done with some elaboration on in the original game.

One day Maxis is going to introduce a particularly virulent VD into the world of the Sims. To this end, Sims: Nightlife is mostly a success which fails for technical reasons.

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Take your Sims downtown in their new cars to all the after-dark hot spots!So, seeing what they'll like to do allows you to play towards them.Do well enough, you raise the metre about a threshold, you get extra time and the date can continue as you try and push towards the next meeting. If you take the date in a restaurant, people are going to want to eat.People who particularly enjoyed dates can turn up with gifts to say thank-you.Those who had a terrible time can turn to stalker-esque random cruelty. With the fully developed downtown area, with a variety of lots offering various possible dates to go on, the sub-game makes a decent enough stab of making Nightlife into a little game of its own. Perhaps unsurprisingly, hot tongue action was noticeable by its absence. The date's most memorable moment came when I started a tradition which continues to this very day, when I spilt an enormous glass of coke over her white jeans in Wimpey's.If you insist on just kissing them, expect to see their desires to turn towards ("more kissing" - Ed).As well as successfully boosting Sims mood, there are other tangential rewards.It feels a little artificially inserted, but that's a trend which becomes increasingly pronounced in the Sims as add-on packs construct expansions on top of the original structure.(And, for the record, I'd like to see a dedicated game based around Nightlife with the purity and elegance of the Sims Design.

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