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Even in ancient times Mars was called the'god of war' and rightly so for it was indeed a warlike planet.

Its present desolate appearance is the result of nuclear warfare which brought life on the surface to an end.

The students are very interested and agree that this has been a valuable experience.

The Martian, or Sitonian, civilization which survived and which prospersstill conjures up memories of a tragic past. We are happy that you at 'Q' Base relayed my message to 'A' Base.

They have realized the importance of living in peace. Trading is by barter, as they are now part of the large Confederation. It saved the lives of all these students, my personnel and myself. Other 'Q' Bases were alerted but they were unable to help. At the first all was we began to run out of power, the large craft control system failed and we began to tumble in space.

" A giant warhead containing missiles, each of which was capable of destroying an area of at least 160 kilometers in diameter, was launched from one of the moons. It was almost total destruction for the North and thegiant arsenals exploded, shock after shock rocked the planet. When these died down the greater ordeal began for those who survived the initial blasts.

Radiation killed many, and more died from starvation as the food and water supplies were contaminated.

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