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Further policing duties performed are traffic control, intelligence analysis and anti-terrorism investigation.

Like all other states of Australia, municipalities and shires in NSW have only very limited law enforcement responsibilities.

Police units were under the rule of the district magistrates.

After the conflict in 1824 with the Wiradjuri people around Bathurst and Mudgee, British authorities recognised the need for a mounted force to maintain control in frontier areas.

The current commissioner of the NSW Police Force is Mick Fuller, who replaced Andrew Scipione, on 31 March 2017, with Deputy Commissioner Dave Hudson, Deputy Commissioner Nick Kaldas, and deputy commissioner Catherine Burn.

The minister for justice and police, Troy Grant, is responsible to the NSW parliament for the police portfolio.

The convicts assigned were mostly soldiers who had run foul of the law.Their main task in this period was to subjugate resisting groups of Aboriginals and capture bushrangers.By this stage, the NSW government could not afford the cost of maintaining the Mounted Police along the expanding frontiers of the colony.The 1990s were a turbulent period in NSW police history.The Royal Commission into the New South Wales Police Service was held between 19.In order to protect the infant town against thieves and petty criminals after dark, Governor Arthur Phillip authorised the formation of a nightwatch in August 1789, consisting of eight of the best-behaved convicts.After his appointment as the new governor of New South Wales, Governor Lachlan Macquarie restructured the police force in January 1811, setting up a basic system of ranks and control and recruiting free men into the force instead of convicts.Exploiting inter-tribal hostility, the duty of this force was mostly to crush any Aboriginal resistance to the spread of British settlement.From 1859, the responsibility of the Native Police passed from the NSW government to the newly formed Queensland government.The police perform the primary law enforcement role in all areas of the state.The New South Wales Police Force has existed in various forms since the foundation of the colony of New South Wales at Sydney in 1788.

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