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It makes sense that people who commit themselves to a relationship are more likely to find rewards than those who invest sporadically or half-heartedly.Investing in a relationship may be much like building a bank balance. Commitment may be considered a relationship skill because the abilities necessary to make and keep commitments must be learned, practiced, and refined just like those for effective couple communication (see Wiley 2007 in this issue) or any other relationship skill. Strategies for cultivating commitment are presented. Keywords: marriage, commitment, relationship education, attraction, obligation, constraint Every partner in a healthy relationship must invest intentional effort, including skill-building.Many who are committed to a relationship stay for some combination of these reasons.

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A farmer does not get a good harvest unless he or she has cared for crops through bad weather, pests, and droughts.

Because commitment has multiple dimensions, it functions differently in different relationships.

This article reviews the various dimensions of commitment in intimate relationships, including commitment as an attraction, commitment as moral obligation, and commitment as constraint.

A student will not get a college degree without making a commitment to learn and study in spite of sickness, poor teachers, and difficult assignments.

A marriage is not likely to last unless partners have enough commitment to sustain it through difficult times.

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