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I was 14 and I knew that life as I knew it was over.

My Dad moved into his new "bachelor pad" and bought a quadraphonic sterio system and a few albums the guy at the shop suggested. I don't think my Dad ever listened to it but I played it relentlessly.

It changed everything I knew about what music could be.

In some ways it helped me through that terrible time as I could escape completely into the music.

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A few years later I started dating a girl who also turned out to be a big EJ fan. But every time I hear it, I still think of her and that time. Many times in that first month I'd put it on just before I left for work, my first job, and I could not leave until the track ended.Charles, I too, was known in school as the "Elton" freak, and 30 years later, at class reunions the subject still comes up..Elton's still around so apparently we know talent when we hear it!These two songs melded together make a masterpiece & I never tire of hearing them, either. But what really gets me on this song, and on all the other songs on this album (especially "Grey Seal"), is the amazing bass playing.If you can, get both: the double disk version also contains John Lennon's last public peerformance.He lost a bet with Elton and had to pay up by sitting in with the Elton John Band for three songs their Thanksgiving '74 show at Madison Square Garden.Synth player James Newton-Howard's scores pop up in about a hundred movies!I heard this song on the radio one day while I was driving home to my mom's house from community college.I asked my mom if she knew the song and she said yes and that it was a favorite of my fathers.The song embodies what my wife's cousin did to her husband after 22 years of marriage.Never a big EJ fan, as a teen I bought Goodbye Yellow Brick road for the title song...hadnt heard Funeral/LLB until the first spin (yes it was on vinyl)...totally blew me away!!It remains the only EJ album/CD I own; and I couldnt listen to the entire album in one setting..that track gives me chills!

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