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AIM was an early giveaway that the most interesting thing on the internet, whatever its infinite bounty of video, history, and science, would be the same thing that interested us most in the real world: each other.

The reason people still remember my screen name has nothing to do with my particular online charm, though as a bookish 13-year-old with braces and acne, I certainly did feel more at ease shuffling through chat windows than talking to girls in person.

Long before we were playing spin the bottle in the library, we were exchanging AIM’s fat-lipped kissy emoticon and greeting each other with “hey sexy.” Mercifully, I don’t have access to those archives to tell you more. sign off first.” One virtual flirtation that never blossomed into real-life romance concluded with a girl telling me her feelings were best expressed by Fleetwood Mac’s 1977 smash “Go Your Own Way.” The title said it all, but it took a 15-minute dial-up Kazaa download to get the full message.

One door closed that day, but another one—a door to the delectable cocaine-rock of It wasn’t just me: AIM was the language of all adolescent socializing circa 2000.

The stresses and finer points of internet decorum—the agonizing wait for a crush to send a message, the acceptable hesitation for a witty riposte, the ways in which neediness and desire and cool could be telegraphed through 26 characters—had no good analogy in homeroom conversation or drunken party banter.

No, AIM was just an early digital life we led, practice for the text chats that now provide the most fundamental record of our emotional lives.

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