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Since the future was revealed, it appears that God has revealed spiritual truth to humankind.Daniel's words foretold of a Messiah that would be killed at Jerusalem before the temple and Jerusalem were destroyed in 70 CE.

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However, Naturalists favor the 165 BCE date due to their bias.Even if we use 165 BCE as the date of authoring Daniel based on Naturalist bias, Daniel's 70-weeks prophecy contains a very accurate forth telling of the Christian faith. As you review the evidence presented at these web sites, keep in mind that we have shown that Naturalists are biased against the reality of prophecy.The Einstein Method reveals that Daniel received words from outside time-space through the Archangel Gabriel.Christians logically accept and believe that Jesus fulfilled these prophetic words.In addition, archaeological finds continue to be found that support the Christian faith.Manuscript Evidence: Manuscripts discovered at Qumran (e.g., a Florilegium found in cave 4Q), which date from the Maccabean period make it very unlikely that the book was written during the time of the Maccabees (e.g., 168 B. This is also substantiated in Daniel 9 with the vision of the ram and the he-goat (with one horn and then four horns--divided Greece). Late: Someone living during the time of Antiochus IV Epiphanes (these go with the arguments above) B. 7:1; the rest of the references are in terms of pronouns either third person or first person singular) A. On the contrary, if it is a spurious, fraudulent, although well-intentioned piece of literature, then the reliability of other books in the canon of Scripture may legitimately be questioned. C.) since it would have taken some time for it to have been accepted and included in the canon 2. Aramaic: Daniel’s Aramaic demonstrates grammatical evidences for an early date more closely associated with the seventh and sixth centuries B. Early: Daniel the self-proclaimed author of the book living during the sixth century B. “To establish hope in future restoration by reflecting in vision God’s dealing with Israel’s national sin through the times of the Gentiles” The two-fold division is argued upon (1) the way in which Moses' Law is referred to as a unit throughout the Scriptures, (2) the way in which the historical books are linked together as a unit, (3) the reference in Daniel to the Law and the books [9:2], and (4) the recognition of the Former prophetic books by the Latter (See Geisler and Nix, A General Introduction to the Bible, pp. The Writings include: (1) Poetical Books--Psalms, Proverbs, Job, (2) Five Rolls (Megilloth)--Song of Songs, Ruth, Lamentations, Esther, Ecclesiastes, (3) Historical Books--Daniel, Ezra-Nehemiah, Chronicles Sometimes Ruth was attached to Judges, and Lamentations was attached to Jeremiah thereby making the Hebrew canon comprised of 22 books rather than the more usual 24 books (see Geisler and Nix, General, pp. Critical scholars assume that the three-fold division reflects dates of canonization in accordance with their dates of compositions--Law (400 B. Third, one's understanding of the nature of Jesus Christ depends on the answer to the date of the book. A Survey of Old Testament Introduction, 388; Brevard S. Bibliotheca Sacra 133 (1976): 322-23; Franz Rosenthal, Die Aramaistisch Forschung (Leiden: E. In the Hebrew canon Daniel is not included among the prophets 4. Now a prophetic year (also a lunar year) is 360 days (cf.In the Hebrew canon Daniel is included among the writings with the “historical” books. 33) is 173,880 days (476 x 365 = 173,740 days; March 4 [1 Nisan] to March 29 [the date of the Passover in A. Rev 11) and 483 years multiplied by that figure also equal 173,880. Although Childs does not hold to a sixth century date for Daniel and comes about this statement in a 'round-a-bout manner, his analysis of its design is true (Brevard S.This emphasis may well have been appropriate for the following reasons: a. The time interval between the first of Nisan (444 B. Here then is confirmatory proof that the book contains genuine predictions (Bruce K. Childs, Introduction to the Old Testament as Scripture, 622).Daniel is not in the role of a prophet who is speaking to the nation to repent of their ethical misdeeds b. Hoehner demonstrates that Jesus Christ was crucified on the Passover in the year A. Later he writes, the biblical writers pointed to the end of the world in order to call forth a faithful testimony from the people of God.

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