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He works on the design to renovate the pub itself, after Pat Evans (Pam St.

Clement) found a flea on the bar, though the regulars think the pub looks the same, and Peggy berates him for it.

In August 2008 he investigates the murder of Jase Dyer (Stephen Lord) and interrogates Billy Mitchell (Perry Fenwick) as a key witness.Scott Maslen joined the soap opera as Jack Branning in October, and his nephew Oscar Branning was born in December.Detective Inspector Kelly, played by Ian Burfield, is a police detective at Walford Police Station.Dot's husband Jim (John Bardon) goes to a pole dancing club, finding a flyer for it with Tomas, to track Anya down, but is told she no longer works there by a hostess he speaks to.As Jim travels back to Walford, Anya arrives at Dot and Jim's house.In 2007, he investigates the death of Pauline Fowler (Wendy Richard) and subsequently arrests Sonia Fowler (Natalie Cassidy) for her murder following the funeral.He arrests May Wright (Amanda Drew) for abducting Summer Swann, and also Phil Mitchell (Steve Mc Fadden) on suspicion of murdering his fiancée Stella Crawford (Sophie Thompson).After Jay's home assessment discovers he is living with an underage Louise (now played by Tilly Keeper) at Phil's house, Derek visits Sharon Mitchell (Letitia Dean) and despite Sharon insisting that she and Phil trust Jay, Derek tells her if Jay does not move out, Louise may have to be taken into care as her needs come first.Marco Bianco, played by Bart Ruspoli, is the interior designer who redesigns the flat above The Queen Victoria pub for Peggy Mitchell (Barbara Windsor).In May 2016, Derek visits Billy and his partner Honey Mitchell (Emma Barton) after Jay returns to live with them after being convicted of a child sex offence to assess Jay being around their children, Janet (Grace) and William (Freddie Phillips).Billy and Honey insist Jay is innocent but Derek informs them that Jay's contact with their children must be supervised.

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  1. The last stop is Portland, where food, beer and bikes are king. Oregon’s Rogue River winds its way through one of the most beautiful pine-forested canyons in North America and gained federal “Wild & Scenic” wilderness designation in 1968.

  2. Once you are a member you can use our site features like forums, chat rooms, blogs and articles to find out about the best dogging spots and clubs that’s perfect for swinging couples to hang out.

  3. No longer is it considered sad or weird to say you first met your partner digitally, a shift to the mainstream largely down to the success of one app: Tinder.