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Dump them nicely and stuff and they'll get over it. Any breakup causes broken hearts for one or both of the parties.In the long run, you are better off because he would most likely cheat on you, too--if you finally got him to marry you. It will be difficult to leave at first but you will both be able to adjust.

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Also, you have to realize this may cause problems between you as you are going to be the bearer of bad news. If a married man got caught cheating told his wife he wanted to work it out and said he only cheated 3-4 times when it was really 20 times then told her cheating is cheating no matter how many times y?It depends on the man, but if we're talking about the classic married man stereotype, he would feel guilt (or proud or even not-caring, depends on the man). The man would feel guilt not because of his mistress but because he got caught. If a married man cheats on his wife for the 1st time but did it 20 times with the same woman and got caught cheating n feels bad about it wants to stay with wife what are the chances he'll cheat again? ANSWER: First of all when you say it's his first time to cheat, but he did it 20 times, are you talking about having sex with his mistress or he cheated 20 times? Can you leave with yourself knowing that you will help this married man ruin his family.... Ask him why he doesn't believe you; unless he has solid proof, then he simply doesn't trust you enough, and you should tell him this.If your wondering if he will do it again, probably if you given him 2-3 months of cooling off from you. After that, it is a personal issue between the two of you. You should end your relationship with him immediately. But it could be his way of introducing to his wife what " his friend" look like.If you are going to make the choice of letting someone know this is going on then be sure you realize there may be breakups of marriages and friendships but also remember they brought this on themselves and it isn't your problem or fault. "I can't ever see or speak to you again" That is all it needs. I personally say yes because if your not giving him sex then he will go back to the women that he was having sex with because your not pleasing him.You also have to decide if this is really any of your... It doesn't matter if you're the one to break up with him/her or you're the one that got dumped. Therefore i would just divorce him and let him have all the sex he needs.!!!!In the short term, you might also want to consider what was so appealing about a man who was already committed to... A great, creative way to keep the love hot is to become pen pals!Send cute poems or letters, envelopes filled with heart-shaped confetti, a sheet of paper with tons of lipstick kisses on... If the husband decides not to see the mistress again then the words are quite simple. Is it really a turn on to you knowing that this married man can be manipulate to have affairs with you? ANSWER: That person is telling the truth, you don't.In that case, you should see a is very normal because he cheated an you obviously cant get over what he did but if you cant stop thinking about it, that's not healthy for your relationship. It'll probably be taken to court, and if the accused if found guilty, she will most likely get fired.You need to either stop thinking about it and move forward with your life knowing that you have him now or you can dump him and not have... Any type of scandal ruins the reputation of the employer and the company.

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