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A major portion of this segment of the paper will focus on the 1948 Wisconsin Archaeological Survey (WAS) excavations (Maxwell 1950a, 1950b). Moreau Maxwell of Michigan State University and students who participated in the WAS project, the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Archaeology Laboratory obtained field notes, maps, profiles, and photographs of the WAS excavations.These materials have provided insightful information about the mound excavations and testing of the village area.The name Mero refers to one of three families that owned land on the Diamond Bluff terrace near the end of the 19th century.Trimbelle comes from the name of the stream that enters the Mississippi Valley at the terrace.Since these sites are discussed elsewhere in this volume, this presentation will focus primarily on the archaeology of the Diamond Bluff site complex.The objective of this paper is to address two areas that are specific to understanding the archaeology of the Diamond Bluff site complex and the theme of this volume.The Diamond Bluff terrace is on the Wisconsin side of the valley and is approximately 5 miles directly north of Red Wing, Minnesota.The site complex is found over much of the 220 acre (89 hectares) terrace, which is 1.3 miles (2.1 km) long, up to 0.4 miles (0.6 km) wide, and elevated 60 feet (18.3 meters) above the surrounding floodplain.

The Diamond Bluff Site Complex and Cahokia Influence in the Red Wing Locality by Roland L.The Diamond Bluff site complex is comprised of at least two large village areas and a large mound group that includes a variety of mound types characteristic of Late Woodland mound building traditions in the Upper Midwest.What has made Diamond Bluff interesting (as well as confusing) is that not only have Late Woodland and Oneota artifacts been recovered from both mound and village contexts, but mixed with them are Middle Mississippian-inspired artifacts.Most notable are the Ramey Incised motif on locally made ceramic jars and artifacts identified with the Southeastern Ceremonial Complex.These Middle Mississippian-inspired artifacts are the signature traits of the Silvernale Phase and are found at a number of sites in the Red Wing Locality, most notably the Bryan, Silvernale, and Energy Park sites.Depending on the source, the reader may find one or more names used to refer to the site setting. Svec 1985, 1987), the "Mero group" (Brower 1903) and "Mero site" (Lawshe 1947; Wendt and Dobbs 1989), and the "Trimbelle River Group" (Squier 1914) and "Trimbelle site" (Wends and Dobbs 1989).The "Trimbelle site" is identified in the State Historical Society of Wisconsin site code files as 47-Pi-93, while the other names are associated primarily with site area 47-Pi-2.For the indigenous Red Wing population, Cahokian contact initiated the Silvernale Phase that is recognized archaeologically by a limited variety of Middle Mississippian-inspired traits found among Late Woodland and Oneota remains.What has remained an unresolved issued is the cultural identity of the Red Wing population at the time of Cahokian contact (e.g., Gibbon 1991; Stoltman 1986).The gently undulating terrain on the ter- race is comprised of twelve soil types with textures ranging from silt loams to sand (Haszel 1968).In the Red Wing Locality the Mississippi Valley is about 3 miles wide.

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