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The last word in each of the lines has to rhyme with whatever word was given by the host, meaning its an AAA etc. After a player is called out, the host gets a new one syllable word and the rap starts over again.Players compete with each other until only the true rap master is left.A handful of players form a line on stage for this song game.The host asks the audience for a one syllable word and the players take turns going down the line telling a story in the form of a rap. If the rhymes arent close enough to the original word, the players arent telling a story, or a player freezes, the host calls out the player and asks them to join the sick backup crew behind the line.Two players attempt to create a scene, but they can only move their eyes and mouths.During the scene, two other players, called movers, must gently guide every movement as if the players were a doll or an action figure.Players take turns alternating between the letters.When a player gets to the letter Z, then they loop back to the letter A.

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Players form a line on stage and the host gets occupations, locations, objects, etc. Players step up one at a time and deliver one liners and punchlines about the suggestion and return to their spot in the line when they are done.Two players stand on either side of the host, who is sitting in a chair on stage. In this game, the host is a young child with one question on their mind, why?The two players on stage are the childs parents and have to do their best to answer the constant questions.Physically grasping and moving arms, legs and hands is acceptable.A simple tap to the back, side or front of the leg will prompt the action figure to move that leg.The host gets a suggestion from the audience and asks one parent a question inspired by it.After the parent responds, the child turns to the other parent with the dreaded question why?That parent has to come up with a response, and the child asks the other parent why?This continues until one of the parents freezes, says a response that is too advanced for a child, or cant think of anything and yells Because I said so!Players line up on stage and the host gets suggestions from the audience for occupations, objects, famous people, etc.The host gives a suggestion and players step forward one at a time to deliver a punchline or one liner, returning to their spot in the line when theyre done.

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