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Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your ex was an alcoholic,we would still be together if she had chosen to get help,i know a lot of very hood people, mainly through work, that have really good lives, because they have worked there programs, one of them has been clean and sober for over 20 years, if i need advice i like to go to him I dated an ex-alcoholic for a short time; I found it exhausting that his entire life & social schedule revolved around Schick Shadel.

I'm glad for him that he got clean, but I think he should only date women with similar experiences, as I couldn't relate to so much of his life.

After a few years, relapse rates are low to the point that I wouldn't even worry about it.

As others noted, do make sure the individual's following the recommendation that they have at least a year's sobriety before getting involved emotionally. Other than that, with some it takes over their lives, as a replacement addiction, to a pretty unbearable (and often preachy) extent; with others, they're leading full lives otherwise, and it's a helpful tool they revisit now and then when they need it; and all points in between.

If they had only been sober for a few months, then no I would not date them.

You have to trust God and yourself before you can trust someone else! Hi Rich - I been to Al Anon a long time ago myself. There are a lot more porgrams out there than AA or NA or Al-Anon.

The ignorance so far in this thread is astounding and the amount of people who spout off about what they don’t know could use a dose of the wisdom in some of those rooms.

Some of the most empathetic, caring and most honest people I have ever met have been ex addicts and very few are dregs of the gutter, they have been everything from menial laborers to doctors and lawyers who have never been arrested or have a history of total wreckage in there lives.

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The addiction factor is something to think about but it's not the only issue in deciding on a relationship.There are a lot of people who can't come even close to admitting, let alone working on those things about themselves.I have many, many good friends in addiction recovery.You have to trust God and yourself before you can trust someone else! It would depend on how long they had been in AA or NA.If they had been in recovery for a few years then yes I would date that person.I am not trying to say there couldn't be some draw backs to dating a person in a program, but to use it as the deal break could be hasty.As others have said, it would depend on their time in the program and how well the program was working for them.So many scared little rabbits here building up another filter to your own fear, just another reason to finger point in your protected judgmental morality, every one of you are surrounded by these people and you don’t even know it.OP, if they are new in their recovery, then there is always caution, but then again, isn’t that prudent advice even if they were just an average person?There some fancy writer Tharou I think ,that said: something like (there is nothingthat will keep one so much in everlasting ignorence, as contempt prior to investagation) Any fellowship that uses principales like, honesty, hope , faith, trust, humility, forgivness, patience ,modesty, trust, generosity ,strait forwardness, positive thinking ,clean thinking, look for the good , simplicity, self evaluation, as principle to live by has my vote they also say to AVOID self, pity self, justifacation ,self importance ,self condemnation, dishonesty, impatience, hate, resentment, false pride, jealousy ,envy, lazyness, procrastiation, insincerity, negative thinking, volgar imoral trashy thinking ,criticizing ELIMINATE THE NEGATIVE............ I had a mentor that told me if I did these simple things I would be the person I was intended to be before God and my fellow man he died many years ago but a part of him still lives on , who know if I pass it on maybe part of him and me will live on forever, he was a drunk with many years soberwouldn't it be like dating anyone in any particular group?Wouldn't it depend on the individual more than that one facet of their life?

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