10 fatal online dating errors

Today, counteracting extreme fight/flight stress, awareness/perception errors and myth constructs through mental conditioning has become a key focus in police officer survival training.

But more can be done to ensure fatal consequences are prevented.

He dropped his ticket book and put his hands in the air.

The witness reported that the officer, although armed, appeared stunned and did nothing to protect himself. Officer safety statistics show that a hostile person with an edged weapon can move 11 feet (3.4 metres) in one second.

The officer was seen ignoring the person and turned his back to the source of threat, continuing to complete the ticket.

In one tragic incident, four highway patrol officers, each with less than two years policing experience, were killed by two heavily armed criminals during an assumed routine traffic stop in Newhall, Calif.That driver may, in turn, have assumed the officer driving the marked patrol unit had received the same radio message. In , Remsburg outlines an effective situational awareness and stress perception management system known as the Awareness Spectrum, which identifies five levels of awareness and perception control.Maintaining the most appropriate level of awareness is crucial.A bystander saw him shouting at a woman, who was in close proximity to the bank and was wearing a full-length leather coat.When she didn't respond, he ran up to her and warned her to take cover.Police officers need to be updated with information about who they are dealing with in their patrol zones and what risks they face when encountering them.Too often, violent attacks on officers are caused by misreading behaviour.At every pre-shift watch briefing, a developmental and/or training item can be reviewed and discussed.This way, every police officer is exposed to some type of recurrent training at the beginning of each shift.An online search will uncover numerous lists that identify mistakes that police officers make and how to avoid them.The following 10 fatal errors bear repeating: In this example, police were responding to an armed robbery when a fatal accident occurred.

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